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Green Circle Document

Robin Ainsley purchased this document at the Auction of Julias 401.  How the Auctioneer got it is anyone's guess.

This is the record of the Company of the Green Circle, 2nd of the Great Companies of Karos. I am Karen Rouge, Alchemist and Recorder of Chronicle, and through my eyes this history is recorded.

We come from the island of Karos, a month's sale to the east of this island of Arinth we now find our selves on. Karos was an island much different from this one; where Arinth is green Karos was grey. Where you have plants we had weeds. Our land was one that had been ravaged before the Shattering and never truly recovered.

The story begins not long before the Shattering. Explorers from the great Voldari Republic found the uninhabited land of Karos and laid claim to it, thinking that there had to be someone worthwhile in the wasteland. There were few inhabitants in Karos in those days; those that were around were glad to have the Voldari because may be they could stand fast where other rulers of Karos had faltered; maybe they could stand fast against the darkness.

The Voldari soon found why no one ruled this land for long; it was cursed. At the center of Karos lay the Grave of the Undying, an ancient Dorum Tal of amazing power. Unfortunately at some point lost to history it was almost completely corrupted with the power of Tal-Shar, creating a blight upon the land. This dorum filled the land with poison and created shades to walk it, slaying those foolish enough to be nearby. For as long as any could remember the Grave of the Undying remained. For those who lived there it was a simple fact of life; one did not venture out beyond the edge of the empire fire after dark because then the evil would find you.

Into this the Voldari came, and decided that they would do their best to remove this open wound from the land of Karos. They called up the nigh legendary 98th Legion, the legion that had defeated the ghoul uprising in Ashteron Province ten years earlier and who had saved the Felarus Province from a horde of enraged elementals. They specialized in combating monsters and magicians, with a full century of the legion being made up of sorcerers and another of alchemists. They were dispatched to Karos to contain the evil of the Grave of the Undying and arrived a few months later. They quickly began building fortifications around the Grave, hoping to contain whatever creatures might come forth.

And it was lucky they did. Something within the Grave took notice of their work and sent forth shades by the score to displace the 98th Legion, but the legionnaires had faced shades before and knew their weaknesses. Despite these nightly skirmishes the fortifications were done in a few weeks and the task of cleansing or destroying the Grave of the Undying was begun.

Unfortunately that was when the Shattering occurred.

Mountains rose and fell and the seas swelled, sealing off the wasteland of Karos from all the lands that had bordered it. Only one other island was present within a week's sail; a small island called Pelos after the mountain that had created it. Now there were not enough supplies to sustain the legion easily, and any hope of reinforcements was gone. The commanders of the 98th were called together and asked by Imperator Lucidia Pharil, "Do we stay or do we go? If we stay we were surely die. If we go we might survive but we will have disobeyed orders and left the people of this land defenseless. Each century is to vote; any that wishes to leave is free to go." That night the vote was held. Not a single century left.

United in their cause the 98th continued their efforts to contain the Grave of the Undying, fighting a nightly battle with the shades that poured forth. They helped train the few natives of the area to defend themselves and the weaknesses of shades. Also a few outsiders from beyond Karos arrived on boats, having fled their own lands after the Shattering. Pelos also became the home of a group of people from beyond the horizon called the Kai'linth, a people stronger in the elements than any known. They aided the 98th Legion, or simply the Legion as it became more and more evident they were the only legion to survive, in containing the evil of the Grave. Even with all this support it was clear to Imperator Pharil that the Legion would not last forever, but they would rather die trying to fulfill their orders than run like cowards.

For four centuries the war raged between the Legion and the Grave. The shades seemed never ending, but the Legion's numbers were all to limited. Over the years the centuries of the legion had become more and more like separate armies than parts of a single legion. They all operated in unison under the Imperator but they began to develop traditions and ways different from each other. They eventually replaced their number designations with symbols, giving birth to the Bear Company, the Wolf Company and our Company of the Green Circle.

Our company was named after the symbol of the house of our original commander, Centurion Christof Talerus. Like the Imperator, Christof passed his title on to his daughter Sila Talerus, and to her son Simon Talerus and finally to her daughter Arona Talerus. It was during the command of Arona Talerus that we had to flee Karos.

As I said we were locked in a war of attrition with a side that did not seem to suffer from casualties. Inevitably we would lose, and from the first year on Karos the Imperator had realized this. She ordered an exhaustive search of all the magical lore we had to find a way to silence or close the Grave, but it took many centuries to find it. Four hundred years past the Shattering we were down to a quarter of the numbers we started with, and it was only getting worse.

Magister Kelas Vichuran brought forth an idea that could save us, but only at great sacrifice. It was a ritual that would rip the ley lines of Karos apart, hopefully disrupting the Grave and destroying it. The side effect of this ritual would be a smaller version of the Shattering centered on Karos; any on the island would surely die. The choice was given to us to die quickly or die slowly, and Imperator Uris Pharil called another vote. "We have another great choice before us; do we all die now, strike a blow against our foe and die knowing we gave as good as we got or die years from without deciding anything." Again not a single company dissented; the ritual was prepared. There was some concern for damaging the ley lines, especially

Whatever power controlled the Grave of the Undying must have known what we were up too because the shades poured forth that night with a greater rage than normal. The ritual took many days to prepare and dozens died to keep the darkness from our work, but eventually the ritual was ready. A sober mood fell over the camp as it was begun with the dying of the sun on the 3rd day of the year 4067. The battle that night was the most ferocious we had ever seen, but in the end the ritual was completed. As expected Karos crumbled and our troops began an orderly retreat to the coast as soon as the ritual was complete. Our Kai'linth allies were ready there with boats, but few made it to the boats before the energies released by the ritual washed over us. Barely one out of a hundred of our number survived, and only ten from the Company of the Green Circle survived.

From the boats of the Kai'linth we watch our home for centuries sink beneath the waves, and hoped that the evil therein would be contained. Now we needed a new home, and with the help of the Kai'linth we eventually made it to this island known as Arinth. Several of our sword brothers also came to Arinth, but we have lost track of them over time. Many of our people settled on Pelos while others sailed north or south. Regardless now I only know of my nine companions of the Green Circle.

When we arrived we landed on the north side of the island and trekked inward, quickly finding what a dangerous place Arinth is. After many years of dealing with shades on a nightly basis we were ready for grim and razorclaws; they almost seemed a welcome change. After a bit of exploring we found the hamlet of Innismoor and when we stumbled upon it, it was being victimized by grim. Having none of that we quickly set them to flight and learned from the people of the village these attacks were a common occurrence. Arona Talerus looked around at the downtrodden people of Innismoor and decided this is as good a place as any to settle down. The people needed defending, and we could do that.

So we have remained here for five years, keeping Innismoor safe from grim, gundthwarts and red caps. We have also become part of the town; Arona has become the town midwife, her brother Joshua the best hunter and Basil is famous all the way to Greymist for his cooking. We've found a home again, but our steel is sharp and ready for those who would threaten the good people of this island.

Now that you know our overall past, it is probably best to introduce us. Hopefully I'll get out of this really boring historian voice in the process. I am Karen Rouge, daughter of Paris Rouge, a warrior from the Company of the Bear. How I ended up with alchemical gifts I have no idea, but I did and so I was transferred from my birth company to the Green Circle. I've been with them ever since, acting as the primary battle alchemist because I am gifted with the elements of fire and metal. Yeah, I'm also the company historian. And the company gambler, or money taker.

Our boss if Arona Talerus, but the locals have started calling her Lady Talerick (Talerus doesn't sound like a native name and they're trying real hard to adopt her). She's the most powerful sorcerer I've ever met and a skilled warrior to boot. She was in command of the Green Circle for fifteen years before we left and led us through many of the company's darkest days. She's a good woman and my best friend. It will be sad day when we finally lose her.

Her brother Joshua is also with us. He is the best archer in our company, but why he was in Green Circle I'll never be sure. He's got a few weird talents, like being able to see ley lines, but he can't cast any real magic. I guess seeing ley lines is enough. He's also a hell of a shot with a bow. He's managed to befriend many of the Seelie fair folk near Innismoor and he' s our representative to them.

Elias Elessedil is the wood alchemist for our group and our best theoretical magician. He's the group expert on ritual magic as well. He's had a lot of contact with the elves on the island and learned much from them. Elias has already settled down with a family in Innismoor and his son, Kyle, is already walking.

Jacquelyn Robertson is a descendant of one of the wanderers who joined the Legion, but she has never faltered in her duties. She originally came from the kingdom of Caralon, but. She is the stone alchemist for our group, and often the troublemaker. She has the curiosity of a cat and about as much common sense. If she wasn't so lucky she'd be dead ten times over.

Bolias Keltershan is a warrior pure and simple, but he does have a touch of metal to him that makes him that much more fearsome. He can pile the grim heads high on the field of battle, but unfortunately he lives for little else than combat. I've been trying to fix that for years, but he seems to not understand what men and women are supposed to do together. And such a big guy too.

Laurin Phederan is the brewer for our merry band, and originally from the Raven Company instead of Green Circle. She just ended up in the same boat as us and we haven't been able to get rid of her since. She's always got some new brew or concoction to test, usually on one of us. Still, she can make a prodigious amount of Voldari fire.

Pheldin Lockhart is our sorcerer besides Arona, and was really more of an apprentice than a full-fledged sorcerer. His skills were only moderate, but he had an amazing mind for building small contraptions like locks and traps. He actually spent more time building these things around the fortifications of the Grave than healing people, but he enjoyed it farm more than healing.

Tam Setzin is our water alchemist and the main reason we survived the boat trip from Karos at all. Tam's getting kinda fed up with living in Innismoor because it's not near the ocean so she may leave for the coast sometime soon. Considering how things are going and how much time they spend together Pheldin will probably go with her.

Lastly there is Gwendellyn Masters, our air alchemist. She's an excellent storyteller and has the children of Innismoor wrapped around her finger. Of all of use she is the youngest, and the least scarred by our time on Karos.

Now I write all this because I am the company historian and it is my job. I am to record the deeds of the Green Company so the annals of the company may be rebuilt, and one day it will equal the volumes and volumes of history that were lost on Karos. Here is a start.

One thing of note I have noticed in our time on this island that our battles on Karos has changed us; we are not the same as normal people. I have seen Bolias heal himself without spell or brew when lives were threatened and I' ve seen Tam not be dead despite bleeding on the field for an hour. I do not know what happened to us on Karos and why we changed, but are something more than what we were. We are able to do things beyond what we should. These abilities have faltered at times; Pheldin once picked a fight with some local boys in his youthful arrogance and he received a beating worse than what the blows landed should have given him. It seems as long as we stay on the straight and narrow destiny favors us above others, but why I cannot fathom.


Another year has passed without much incident. The grim have come and they have died. The red caps have been annoying and they have been smacked. The chitterling have been bought off with links from Bolias' chain mail. I think we're getting in a rut.

We're starting to have a first signs of a second generation of the Green Circle on Arinth. Yep, I finally got Bolias and his size is well proportioned throughout. Arona has grown sweet on one of the local farmers, Wyllin Fatel, and the two seem to be getting set to settle down. Tam and Pheldin are planning on moving to Greymist next year, and I think they have their eyes on a litter of kids.

From what the townsfolk say the coming year may be rough though. The grim come down on these twenty-year cycles, and it looks like we're in for a big year next year because it's on the cycle. We've already begun beefing up the earth works and are looking to make some deals with the fair folk for assistance.

A new sandwich shop opened in town. A real nice place run by some people from Woddburr, near Greymist. Nice folk. That fop Oglethorpe is there a lot though, and if he makes one more challenge to a duel I'll actually accept it. He does tell some good stories, but I don't believe that whole Seelie King stepping on his toe story.



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