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Balthasar's Archives
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Junis 402 Proclamation

In Junis of 402, Keldry issued this proclamation dividing the island of Arinth into two Duchies.

Be It Known,


That Her Royal Majesty, Aoife ni Connal, Queen of Keldry, Protector of the Murrowmarsh, Does Hereby Declare the Lands East of the Central Mountains of the Isle of Arinth to be Claimed in the Name of the Crown of Keldry, and that Said Lands Shall be Created the Duchy of Meriad, May Her will Be done.




That her Majesty, Does Create Sir Connor OShea Earl of the Duchy of Meriad and Charges him to Keep These Lands in the Name of the Crown, Defending them Against All Foes Providing For its Peoples Under the Laws of Keldry.  May Her Will Be Done.

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