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Balthasar's Archives
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Juras and the Enslaver

We first heard this story in Avrilis of 401.  It seems now that the Enslaver or something very similar threatens Arinth once more.

Avrilis 28, 401

This story was given to us by Inali, who told us that she is a descendent of Juras.  She first heard it from her grandfather.


Juras was born during a storm.  Lightning struck a nearby tree when she was born.  This was taken as a sign that Juras would have great power.  This did not take the form that her mother had expected.  Unusual things would appear in Juras bed when she woke up in the morning. [For a long while Jurass mother was fearful of these manifestations]  Juras told her mother that these were things from her dreams.


When Juras was a young woman, a nightmare creature was attacking people of her village.  She helped the guards kill it. [Using Dream Magic, which was relatively unknown and unheard of.]


A man named Kaelin came to her and became her teacher.  He taught her Dreamweaving. [The Weavers Way.]


Juras would often leave Kaelin for a time to visit Okoka, a loyal friend in town.  Juras had few friends in town; her peers teased her.  After several years, Okoka asked her to marry him.  He swore an oath that he would not get in the way of her studies.


A strange affliction began to strike the elves.  It drove them insane.  Then they fell into a deep sleep from which they did not awaken.  Juras wanted to help, but did not know what to do.  On her wedding night, she traveled into dreams to try to find out what was going on.  As dawn approached, Okokas screams awakened her.  He sat in the corner of the bedroom, shivering and screaming.  She went back into the Dreaming.  She saw that Okoka had a strange glow.  She saw a vine growing out of his head.  She followed the vine back into the Nightmare Realms.  It joined with other vines to make a huge tree.  She was attacked by nightmare creatures.  She saw a chanting figure near the tree, who commanded the nightmare creatures.  The nightmare creatures eventually overpowered her.  Kaelin appeared in a flash of light, and the nightmare creatures disappeared. 


When Juras awoke, Okoka could not be roused.  She returned to Kaelins hut.  They spent the next night trying to destroy the vines.  They noticed energy pulsing from each person along the vines back to the tree.  Kaelin and Juras gathered Dream Mages to fight him.  Because of the way people were held, Juras named the enemy the Enslaver.  Juras also went to get the Waya, dream-wolves.  The alpha of the pack agreed to help.  There was discomfort between the Waya and the non-elves among the Dream Mages.


The enemy was getting more powerful.  Some two-hundred nightmare creatures guarded him.  The Waya led the Dream Mages toward the tree.  They were attacked by the army of nightmare creatures.  Eventually, they were able to destroy the Enslaver.  When Juras got back to her village, some of the afflicted had recovered, but not all of them.  Okoka was one of those who had not.


Juras lost her will to study.  Kaelin told her that Okoka would want her to continue her studies.  Juras returned to her studies.  She had a son named Kokaela.  A few months later, Kaelin told Juras to take Kokaela to her mother.  The Gathi was causing problems for the Sidonhi.  They made a brew to let the elven warriors see through the Tricksters illusions.


[Damaras notes:] In preparation, large quantities of herbs for the brew needed gathering. Juras was sent out to gather more of the herbs, and was gone for a very long time. In addition to the Brew that would allow them to see through illusions, there was a ritualthe Ritual of the Fearless Heart that would render the recipient warrior immune to the fear that gave the Nightmare creatures strength.


However, upon Jurass return, she found that the battle was already over and Kalen had been slain. At this point Juras makes the decision to go into the Nightmare Realms herselfin case anything happened to her, she took her son Kokaela to her mother and bade her to raise him in her stead.


Armed with the only copy of the Ritual, Juras re-enters the Nightmare Realms. But she isnt strong enough and is overwhelmedshe thought she had more powerand is never seen again, lost for all these centuries.


Kokaela is raised by Jurass mother, but displays no abilities as a Dream Mage. Since then, none of Jurass descendents have ever used Dream Magic again.



(Here, Ashuras handwriting picks up.  Again, I have copied the notes exactly as written, since I was not there at the time.)

Great great great great grandmother is whom we are speaking of.  Inali herself is over 350 (which is a long time ago long lived family.)

It seems now that the Enslaver stirs once again.  Xyjak the Dreamcarver told me back in Novembris 402 that he was finding husks of dreamers in the Dreaming.  I did not connect that with this story at the time.  In Avrilis 403, he told me that while he still occasionally found husks, the number was diminishing.  He suspected that whatever was doing this had gotten more skilled in the draining, and left no husks behind.  Finally, in Julias 403, we learned of a farmer's wife who was being so drained; it was at this point that I finally made the connection.  We have made no progress since then, as we do not know where to look, and we cannot fully enter the Dreaming without the aid of Nevin, Xyjak, or someone else of their power.