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Balthasar's Archives
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A Mother's Love

I bought this story from an Al Torran merchant.

A Mothers Love


In the time long past, after the world was broken by the foul Sorcerer Vashon, after the stones of the mountains cracked and the waters of the oceans boiled, after the desert heaved then lay still, silence reigned across the sands.  Ragged survivors stumbled across the land.  Slowly the tribes of the desert began to travel again across the waves of sand.  Life was hard as food was scarce and shelter from the sun difficult to find.  Families protected one another, sharing food and whatever the desert offered.


A nomad, whose true name has been scoured from time by the sand in the wind, looked out of the desert and saw troubles growing in the world to the south: Those who set up barriers around themselves on the land and claimed they were free; Those who chose to burden themselves with more possessions than they themselves could move across the lands and still called for more.  Plague and all manners of sickness were brought forth from those who could not follow the ways of the desert.  This nomad told the people of the desert of the world outside and warned against the ways of the southern lands.


The people heard the warnings and looked deeper into the desert.  Some saw the clear sky, the shifting dunes and the wells of the hidden oases.  A love for the desert grew in their hearts.  Others saw the scorching sun, sands that swallowed men and water that poisoned the unwary and grew afraid.  Those who loved the desert followed the sun and found what they needed to live.  Those whose hearts were full of fear scorned the ways of the desert and gathered stones to build a wall around themselves.  From within the rock dwelling, the people cringed from the rays of the sun.  They no longer sang the songs of the desert, for their hearts were too full of greed, seeking treasures to fill their homes.  They did not know the cause of the plague as it spread among them.


This nomad, whose true name has been scoured from time by the sand in the wind, looked at the village and saw the pain created by the fearful.  She wept and called upon the winds and the earth to destroy that which cowards had built, that they might learn to find strength in themselves again.  A voice came upon the winds and a deep rumble in the earth spoke to her She must give herself to the power of the desert to make her people strong again.


With heavy heart and aching tears, she did as she knew she must.  Winds grew around her, sands tore her skin from her bones and even her bones were reduced to sand Her weeping never faltered, but turned to howls of deepest sorrow.  The once strong people of the city heard her cries and knew her sadness.  They were filled with shame at the lies that now surrounded them.  Too weak to leave what they had wrought, they cowered as the Khali came to cleanse the corruption from them.  She howled and cried as she tumbled the stones of the walls, for her people must live free.  She screamed as she buried useless treasures beneath the sands.  She wept with joy as she freed the spirits of the weak.

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