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Balthasar's Archives
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Amulet of Shielding ceremony

This is a straightforward ceremony for the creation of a magic item.  Darius once performed this ceremony, successfully as I recall.

Amulet of Shielding

          The ceremony described herein, if successfully worked, will create an amulet that will provide three Physical Shields to the wearer.  Unlike crystals, which can be cumbersome and difficult to use in combat, the amulet can be used if worn.

          The ritual should be performed during the day in a place that is deemed to be safe and well-protected.

          The amulet (which can be any piece of jewelry) must be crafted by a jewelcrafter of the highest skill.  The amulet must be crafted of silver and three pieces of crystal, infused with Essential Metal.

          The amulet must then be washed with a tincture of purest water, ground tortoise shell and the smallest Tal-Doril ground into dust and then dried in the sun.  A person of virtue and true heart must then breathe upon the amulet to give it life.

          The amulet must then be placed upon the shield of a hero and the caster must meditate upon it for five minutes.  He then casts three Physical Shield spells upon the amulet.

          With each casting he utters the phrase: This spell I bind to protect in time of need.

          The caster must then meditate upon the amulet for another five minutes to keep the magic from fading.

          The Ceremony is now complete.

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