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Balthasar's Archives
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Selections from Salvatore's Journal

The following are bits of Salvatore's journal that were discovered over the years.  The first was purchased from the Auction in Julias of 401.  The second one was discovered in the Imperial base in Novembris 401.

Julias 14th, 369


            It is the fourth night of our climb up Mt. Ghuntam.  Uncle says we should reach the peak tomorrow, or maybe the following day at the latest.  The weather has been perfect for the climb and we have been taking our time.  This trip is exactly what I have needed to get my mind off matters at home.  I expect my brother will be born by the time I return.  I wonder what they will name him.  It still seems odd to me that my parents should have a child this late in life.  Frankly, I didnt know the old man still had enough life left in him.

            I really need to get away.  Everything about this province depresses me.  There is nothing here.  The people dont seem to have any purpose they just live.  My parents have become just like them.  Curse them!  Father could have been so much more if only he had had the spine.  He could have stood for his beliefs.  He could have made it.  Perhaps the time wasnt right, but he didnt have to give up.  Curse him!  At least Mother retained a little bit of her dignity for a time, but this cursed country has drained her even of that.  I will not allow myself to succumb to their fate.  I have seen what I can become.

            I havent thought about that for years.  So much that I saw and yet, I cant help but wonder how much of it was true.  There was definitely something more something I missed.  How many years has it been 15 maybe 17 since the Carnival.  So many questions unanswered.  I wonder why I had not thought about it.  So much I saw in those portraits.  Perhaps it was nothing more than a youths fancy.  Certainly nothing that I saw has come true yet.  But I must do something.  I cant live this life anymore.


Fevrum ??, 369


            I have learned more from my new tutor in the past six-seven months than I learned in that pathetic little village in the past 30 years.  The fates must have smiled upon me that day that I found Master Karinna here in the mountains, or rather he found me.  And yet, the Hall of Portraits showed me this future.  But the Hall showed me much, much of which I know to be false.  It is separating the false from the true that shall mean success or failure for me.  There was something more behind that Carnival the master was not truly the Master I know that for certain now.  That much I could tell even at that young age.

            But back to Master Karinna.  If not for that random fall a slight accident while climbing I would never have found him.  He found me lying there in the darkness, the last of my life-blood slipping from me.  He used his power to mend my wounds.  He took me deeper in the caverns to places where no light has ever toughed.  He told me that his name was Altin Karinna and that he was destined to be my master.  He told me that he had been waiting for me for many years.

            I wonder what the others think.  I have been missing for over six months.  I wonder if I will ever return.  By now they surely think me dead.  But I am far from dead.  My new Master has opened me to a world of knowledge power I didnt even know I possessed.  My strength and power has grown at such a rate I did not believe it possible.  For years I have been struggling to hone my gift.  Mother taught me some, but she was always afraid to use the power.  And father he is still too broken.  Perhaps if he had used his gift while still in the Voca he could have been something.  Perhaps the Republic would be a far different thing than it is today.  It reeks with corruption!  I stray yet again.  Master Karinna is a harsh master, but an able one.  He shows me aspects of myself I didnt even know existed and I have been able to delve deep into my psyche to draw upon the power power unlike anything I have known.  And yet, there is a danger.  I do not think that even Master Karinna is fully aware of the effects this dark power has had upon him and at times I do not trust him.  He is a trow and ancient even for one of his kind, and though he appears young, the darkness has taken its toll.  If I have learned one thing it is that darkness always takes never gives.  This knowledge above all else is the key to mastering the darkness.  I think Master Karinna once knew this, but is seems he has forgotten it.  He has let the darkness take too much.

            I think that while Karinna has much to teach me, I will soon surpass him.  There are basic fundamentals to what he is teaching me that I feel he at times fails to grasp.  I will have to leave soon.  But what of him...

Page extracted from the journal of Valerian Salvatore.

Found at Battle of New Hope, Novembris 401.


The expedition was certainly worth the effort.  Though dangerous, I have learned many secrets of the Imperial Academy of old.  The knowledge they possessed was quite extensive...  I can only hope to tap into a fraction of what they know in that time remaining before I must begin.

            The Key is the most interesting of all that I have discovered.  Knowing of it, I must reconsider the possibilities.  I think my original plans may be much, more viable.  I must be most careful to keep this knowledge from the others.  They would not understand.  Sometimes I feel I am in the presence of my old Master.  He has always tried to hinder my efforts in the most subtle ways.  Alexandrus, he would say, dont go poking your nose too deeply in to the unknown...  you never know what you might find.  He wouldnt have wanted me to go on the expedition.  I wonder how much he knew...  I once I believed him to know everything, but now I see that he in fact knew very little.  His fear was his weakness- a weakness that I do not share.

             With the Key I can see a vast array of possibilities.  It may even be possible to defeat the Drakhara at its own game.  If I understand its properties correctly, I may be able to actually capture its essence and destroy it in the same stroke.  It is going to require far more study, but I WILL unlock its secrets.  I have found it to be difficult to identify in the usual manner.  I meditated upon the thing for an entire day and only barely managed to scratch the surface.  Obviously its abilities have been carefully obscured.

             On a side note, my friend within the legion assures me that they are almost prepared and that there would be no difficulties.  It is a beautiful thing to see the plans that I have laid over the past years finally coming together.

Note that Salvatore's given name is in fact Alexandrus, not Valerian.  In the end, he managed to steal some of the power of the Bringer of Pain, which weakened that creature in turn so that it could be driven from the mortal realms.