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Balthasar's Archives
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Fragment of the Viper's Journal

These pages of the journal of the Viper, also called Liresse (and a few other things), was found in the Imperial base in Novembris 401.

22nd of Octovrum


            My plans are nearly complete.  I shall keep this journal as a record of my conquest.  Even the master does not know of my plan.  If he were to learn of it, he might be forced to tell Salvatore and that is something I cannot risk.  I only wish I knew how Salvatore is controlling him.  He promised me a place in his new Order of Darkness and then just as quickly joined forces with the one he rallied against.  He has managed to drop hints that he is being controlled in some fashion, but I have yet to learn how.  I must discover this and soon, or all may be lost.  I fear attempting this without him, but I must act quickly or all will be lost.  Salvatore has lost his faculties.  He seeks to control something that cannot be controlled.  I must put a stop to it and soon!


            I have only recently learned that Valerian is not his true name.  He has covered his tracks well though, and none in his native province seem to recall him or his family.  Those who knew him as a child seem to have met with unfortunate accidents or altogether vanished.  I must admit admiration for his thoroughness.  Yet, someone must know it.  Though not necessary, knowledge of his true name would be most helpful to my plans.


30th of Octovrum


            The Dark Sanctum is well secured.  The Katas Dorum Tal Nor and his private chambers are hidden within powerful obscurement magics.  I have tried every means at my disposal but I am unable to pierce the obscure.  Even the powers of my allies in the shadow court have proved powerless against this veil.  I will find a way!  I must!  Several of Salvatores most trusted and the Eagles Talons can pass through the obscure with ease.  Perhaps they have the key.  Yet, swaying any of them could prove difficult is not downright impossible.  They have been conditioned in some manner that is unknown even to me and mental magics are my specialty. 


1st of Novembris


            I have learned that there is a Key possible even three keys, that will allow one to see through the obscurement and even shut it off once on the other side.  These keys are supposedly kept to allow entrance to those in need when none of Salvatores close servants are available.  But where are these keys.  I must find them!

            More guests from the mainland arrived today.  Oddly, I think one of them was a Lucan, though I cannot be certain.  They stayed in the visitors quarters only briefly before being whisked away to the Dark.  What is he up to.  I have heard rumor that the war is not going so well on the mainland.  I suppose he believes that it wont matter if he succeeds in obtaining the power.  With that much power he believes he will be able to do anythingbut he is a fool.  No mortal can contain that much.  No matter what preparations he takes he will fail and then it will destroy us all. 


            My allies are beginning to arrive as well.  Soon all will be in place, but I must also make preparations for the arrival of the colonists.  Curse them.  I will enjoy seeing them.  Especially Darius.  I think I will torture his friends first and make him watch.  Salvatore has been far too gentle.  We should have taken advantage when he had them.  I think he still has a soft spot for the Cornelius woman. 


2nd of Novembris


            Salvatore called me in for an interview today.  It was my first chance to see the Dark Sanctum!  I must admit I was frightened at first.  At first I thought maybe he knew my plan, but it turned out that he just wanted my advice on part of the preparation ritual.  He truly has gone insane.  I did manage to learn from one of the Talons how to shut off the obscureif you have the key of course.  The first building on the right houses the lock for the key.  Once in place the entire veil will drop.


6th of Novembris


            Curse him!  He doesnt even trust his own people enough.  I knew there was a key, but I didnt realize it had been broken into three pieces.  If I am to take the Katas Dorum Tal Nor, I must have the key.  Without it, defeating Salvatore will be meaningless!  Im fairly certain that I can lay my hands on at least one of them.  I need to find out where the other two are.  If I can locate them then we can proceed.  Everything is in place.  As Salvatore prepares his great ritual my agents will strike.  We will claim the Academy and strike down Salvatore while he is vulnerable.  Then we will take the Katas and hopefully use it to destroy Ngoloth.  I only hope that this can be done without the key.  The Master once told me that he could do it... At the very least he will stop Salvatore from his folly. 


8th Novembris


            I have discovered the location of the other two parts of the key, only I do not know how to get them.  From what I have learned, they are under a powerful obscure as well.  One is located in the Martial District and the other in the Experimental District.  I will find them.  I will break the obscure, for tomorrow eve we must act.  Salvatore begins the first part of his ritual tomorrow at sundown.  We will strike then and we will be victorious.


            There is part of me that fears the coming battle tomorrow.  I saw him today and only briefly, but the way he looked at me... It was as if he knew.  Some say he knows everything... that cant be true, but still...


9th of Novembris


            And so it begins...


            Blood on the document!

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