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Balthasar's Archives
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Ceremony to Cure Lycanthropy

This is the ceremony that we have used in the past to cure lycanthropy.  Variations on it have cured other things.  The Shadewalkers tricked me into giving them a copy in Septembris 403.


Ritual to Cure the Curse of Transformation

One who takes the curse onto himself willingly cannot perform this ritual,

nor have others do it for him. This was created for and only works on

those forcibly changed through other magics.

Only half of those who undergo the rigors of this ritual survive messing

with anothers spirit takes both chutzpah and stamina. Not everyone

undergoing such rites survives them. At least, the person will die clean.

A failed ritual means that the person must wait a full year before trying


You will first need to collect the following:

- wine, which is the drink of man

- soil from the footprints of a man

- a loaf of newly baked bread marked with a mans hand

- water from a pool the subject has drunk from collected in a clay


- a steel knife that has not yet cut anything

- wolfsbane woven in a garland

- blood taken from a cow, sheep or other animal properly slaughtered for

cooking and eating

- blood of a man, willingly shed, and of ties to the one who must be


The ritual must be performed at twilight or before dawn, during the times

between when it is neither one thing or another.

Bathe the subject in clear water and bring him to the ritual place, which

must be prepared with the circles of Zsuzsanna Dracha and Mitros

Garzhevnyk, for these are the best for such work.

Pour the offering of blood into the ground, "Let this drink sate you,

Great Hunter. May you be slow and not take back that which is done


Restrain the wolf if necessary, for the beast may not understand what is

being done, and the man cannot help you now. As the rite continues,

the beast in him will grow fearful and strike without thinking, as beasts

do. Do not allow him to bite another, for if he tastes blood now,

everything will be for nothing, as the wolf in him will kill the man to

stay alive.

Place the garland of wolfsbane around his neck, saying "Do not fear this

thing now, for only the beasts fear this, and you are not a beast."

Make mud from the water and earth and anoint the subject, saying

"From this are we made, and from this you departed. Return to this

now, for you are of its substance."

Place the bread before him. "This is the food of man, created from

the grasses raised up from the ground by his hand. Eat of it, for it

is your food." The subject must eat some of the bread, to begin to

lose his taste for flesh and blood.

Take up the knife that has not yet cut and cut into the subject hands

or paws until he bleeds, then place the bleeding hands upon the earth,

letting the blood soak in. "This is your blood, great hunter. Take it

back, for this one has no more need of it. Such does not belong in


Take up the blood of man willingly shed and pour it into the open

wounds, saying "This is your blood now -- the blood of a man. This

shall flow now in your veins."

Take up the wine and speak the final words of the rite --

"This is a man! This is his strong arm! This is a man! This is

his clean heart! This is a man! This is his true way! He drinks

the wine which is the fruit of men, and eats the bread of their fields.

This is the man of their fields. This is the man that men call

brother -- this is the man that guards the sheep from the wolf --

this is the man that lives among his own kind -- return this! Return

this tonight! Great Wolf, he is yours no longer!"

Give the wine to the one who must be changed. If all goes well,

the wolf-blood will burn from his veins, and he shall change a last time

into his man-shape. The wolfskin will fall from him, and it must be

burned immediately. Sometimes the changed one will wish to keep it,

saying that it has mystic properties or that it is to remind him of the


Do not allow this to happen -- no matter how much the Changed One

will think to stay right, the spirit of the skin will call to him until he

outs the skin on again. Should he do this, slay him. Do not allow

others to keep the skin either.

One who has returned from the path rarely returns whole. He may find

that wolfsbane holds dread for him still, or on the nights of the full

moon he is restless and longs for the changing, despite its horror. There

is no changing or helping this part -- it must be for the man to put

away the beast.

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