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Balthasar's Archives
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Memory Crystal Summaries

Thanks to Danae, Andros, and anyone else involved for their recording of these crystals.

We spoke with Delwyn, who knows how to activate Memory Crystals.  She
activated them for us.  She also had a third crystal which was related to
the ones we found.  She activated that one for us, and it shattered when it
was done.  Memory crystals deteriorate with each viewing, so you can
understand less if its been viewed before.

1. The account of the travels of Skorla Pontefii.  She is no longer sure of
her mission, she has been traveling so long.  Not much information on this
one except that she and her people were attacked by something she described
as creatures with horns protruding from their head.  Most likely Kepri.
Assumed Skorla from Pre-Shattering Voldinar.  She traveled with a sorcerer
named T.
2. Possibly first crystal in a series.  A creature appeared in a city called
Aras Dor, a man with head and limb wounds which would normally mean death
for any normal person.  He babbled a lot.  Skorla was ordered to follow it
when it left.  She took T, because he had useful skills, but it did not
sound as if she was happy about this arrangement.  During their time
following it, T determined that the body was very dead, no breathing or
eating.  It went into a clearing in a forest, possibly in the mountains, and
bathed in a natural spring.  Then it returned in the direction from which it
had come.  It moved very slowly, slowly enough that Skorla could return and
gather her people to follow it.
3. (Delwyns crystal, shattered)  Skorla still following creature, they come
across a dead horse with striped fur (Eliska says it might be a Zebra,
whatever that is).  The creature, which Skorla now calls the Restless,
approached the horse corpse, and there was a series of blinding flashes,
from either him or it, Skorla was unsure.  When Skorla regained sight, the
horse stood and the man fell.  The horse then left, moving much faster,
either because it was a horse and faster, or because it was more fresh.
Assumption that spirit was transferred from corpse to corpse.  Mouth of both
man and then horse glowed, like the Undying.

Questions: what order were these in?  Looks like 2, 3, 1.  Why were they
near Tulevar?  Was this part of the same mission?  She still had T then, did
she have T for crystal 3?  Is there a connection between the Restless and
the Undying?  What happened to Skorla?

4.  (The image was no longer there - only a male voice.  Our transcription has left a lot to be desired, I'm sad to say.)
We are turning back... nearly he...
s badly wounded but I believe that she will recover
moving away from the blighted lands
flash of light brighter than anything I've ever seen.  This is not a place I recognize.  Fortunately there are herbs here to heal us.  They are steeping now.  She will be healed within the hour.
(The crystal cracked but did not explode.  I have no idea how or if this one relates to the other four; quite possibly this one was recorded by T.)

Male voice:

“This is the last of two dozen.  They wanted to save it to put in as much as possible.  But I no longer feel that is practical.  Skorla was killed and restored.  I fear our days are numbered.  They spoke with the Oracle on the Day of Speaking.  Their bodies did not hold the power of the sword, the cup, and the ring.  The Oracle gave them these words to put into the crystal:


Spirit is bound to blood

But blood must bow to will.

By my will I free your spirit.

By my will I free your power.

By my will I break your chains.

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