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Balthasar's Archives
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98th Legion Document

This document details the 98th Legion and the Sword of Salis.  It explains the ritual to induct others into the Legion.

Hopefully youve already read the other thing I wrote so I wont have to rehash old information.  I wrote several copies of the initial document introducing the history of the Green Circle just to make sure it survived, but I left out some of the juicy bits.  I did this for reasons of safety.  Something just left around for common consumption is not the place you put secrets.

          So why am I revealing these dangerous facts here?  This paper is to remain locked up in the Rouge house from now until it must be used, which I hope will never happen.  If it leaves the house it must be recovered.  The information contained here is not for common consumption; those of the family will know what to do with it.

          The most important part of this paper is this; the Great Undying is not dead.  We sealed it in a watery prison beneath the ocean where we hope it will remain for all time As the Sword of Salis remains intact, the creature can not be freed, or so we hope.  This sword was made through a special combination of magics and smithy skills to be the keystone in the ritual to trap the Great Undying.  As long as the sword is not broken the Great Undying cannot be released.  Therefore this sword must be guarded at all costs. I think you understand the gravity of this. 

          The sword may also be the only thing that can easily put down some of the more powerful servants of the Great Undying.  We dont think there are anymore of these around, but since we dont know where they came from in the first place, Im putting this down on paper just in case. The ritual that Ive written below will ignite the power in the sword if its ever needed.  A couple of us suspect that activating the sword would also attract the attention of the Undying, so make sure you only use it when you absolutely have must. If you ever need itwell, I sure hope it works. We havent seen any of these revenants since the island sank, so we have no way to test it.

          Now, the problem is the ritual ought to require members of the 98th Legion to work right..  Something about the way the magic binds those in the ritual together. It seems like when everyone was fighting against the revenants and the shades back just before the Shattering, the sorcerers bound everyone in the Legion with some pretty strong oaths and backed them up with magic.  When we tried to re-bind the Grave, the sorcerers linked the binding to those oaths and to the sword.  So, each generation after us will take the same set of oaths and reinvoke the magic.  Least, thats how my limited studies tell me it should work.  That should keep the bindings tight.

Because of this, the sword will only key to someone whos taken the vows.   I imagine, in a pinch, that one of the bloodline might be able to get it to work, but I dont know if it would always be effective. The oaths are also easier on someone whos descended.  The magic accepts them easier. Or so I understand. Swearing in someone who doesnt have the blood may stand a better chance of getting the Undyings notice.

          So if youre reading this I hope youre one of my kin and the sword doesnt have to be used.  But if it does, have at.

The Sword of Salis was first created by Vendij Korsjasn, who came from a people far to the north of the Voldari Empire.  He created it for Salis Josen, a scout for the 98th Legion who entered Vendijs lands while chasing a dark sorcerer.  The sword was given to Salis as a gift for saving Vendijs life from the sorcerer and Salis returned to the Legion with it.

          The sword was passed from Salis to his student Lwella, also of the Legions 2nd Century.  Salis fell during a battle trying to contain a rogue fire elemental, and in the process of stalling the elemental allowed several alchemists to banish it.  It was Lwella who carried the sword when the Legion was assigned to the contain the grave where the Undying one is buried. She carried it until slain by one of the revenants, after which it was passed to Suras Luranum of the Green Circle Century.  From there it was passed to Ferin Rosel of the Wolf Company, who carried the sword when the Legion left the island of Karos.

          When it came time to try and reinforce the bindings on the grave, the sword was used as a component in the rite, because it had destroyed more minions of the Great Undying than any other weapon possessed by the Legion.  Unfortunately, something went wrong, and the sword became more closely bound into the ritual than anyone had anticipated. This is why breaking the sword will break the prison that holds whatever is in the bottom of the Grave.  The rite was just a little bit flawed. 

          Some of the creatures animated by the Undying were more powerful than others.  Dont know why this is so, but it is. You cant tell them apart either not that Ive been able to tell.  The most powerful servants of the Undying could only be killed by great effort, or special magical rituals. If the sword is awakened, it should be able to do the job also. Keep in mind that the rite will only power the spell for a short time before the ritual must be done again.  This time varies but is usually not more than an hour or two, so the ritual is best done right before you expect to face one of the greater revenants.


          To perform the ritual you need three members of the Legion at least, but more will make the ritual last longer.  The ritual is begun with the participants sitting in a circle about the sword.  The one by one the participants must pick up the sword and say By the bond of our brotherhood, I give this sword my blood.  May it may strike down those who should no longer walk this land.  Then the holder must cut their hand on the sword and pass the sword widdershins to the next person.  Once all participants have done this the sword is placed back into the center of the circle and he or she who is to wield the sword must pick it up.  The sword will only function for those who did the ritual or the person who picked up the sword.  Once this is all completed the ritual is over and the sword is ready for use. 


So you may be wondering what the Great Undying is? I wish I could tell you, but we just dont know.  Whatever it is was bound into the Grave for ages. Were not even sure people EXISTED when it was bound, and we think that the creature itself is older than that.  We were never able to see into the prison. In fact, most of the trouble we had on Karos the shades and the corruption that poisoned the land seem to have been side-effects of the prison itself. Still, our sages examined it for a hundred years, and they were convinced that no matter how corrupt the prison was, it was designed to bind something that was foul and corrupt as well. That was why we had to attempt our ritualto try to bind it again in a way that wouldnt let the Undying escape, but that would stop constantly spewing forth shades and dark magic.


We know the Undying is seeking something. Even before we began altering the binding, its revenants were always searching for something, but we never knew what. Whatever it is, if they want itit cant be good for us.


Using the Sword of Salis may require inducting more people into the 98th Legion, so here are the oaths.  I know anyone of my blood would be fitting to be in the Legion, but that may not be enough.

          Any who would join the Legion know this; if you swear these oaths falsely or without sincerity, the oaths will know, and it will not go well for you.  Think before swearing, think if you can live up to the words you say.  If you cannot, do not say them.



Procedures and Methods for Inducting a New Recruit Into the 98th Legion of the Voldari Empire


These Oaths are to be administered by a sorcerer of at least the Fourth Rank who has served with the Legion for a period of not less than one year.  Should such a one not be available,  the next highest ranking sorcerer may perform the ceremony, and a rededication may take place at the next available time.


On a sheet of pure white paper, inscribe the name of the recruit.  Using a silver-bladed knife, cut the back of the hand lightly so that there is a small amount of blood available.  After each question, the new recruit must place a single drop of blood onto the page.  At the  conclusion of the ritual, the paper is burned, and the ashes placed in the urn of the century where the new recruit will serve.


The questions must be posed to each recruit singly.  After each question, the recruit will respond, By my blood, I do so swear.


Do you swear to cast out the darkness and hold the light against it?


Do you swear to fight until the end and to never give the evils of the world rest?


Do you swear to protect those who are in danger and help those in need?


Do you swear to protect the land and hold it against all evils?


Do you swear to see the legacy of the Legion is passed on and never forgotten?


The administrator then burns the paper and says, Then join this company and shelter the light against the darkness in this world.


If the Recruit is acceptable, the cut will turn into a scar which will remain as visible symbol of the company.

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