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Balthasar's Archives
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Haitiane Letters

The first document was given to me by Danae and Andros.  They found it near the Imperial base.  The second letter was given to me by Tel and Melody, who had discovered it not far from Blackmoor.  Either Melody or Nico gave me the third letter.  The fourth letter was given to me by Nico and Hollis, who received it in Blackmoor in Avrilis 405.  There are one or two more letters that I need to add.

I am elated with the success of the ceremonies.  Grafting the new species found on the lost island with our own native grimm has produced a leader with unique capabilities when the herbal ingredients are included.  I believe that the pack mentality of the keprie plus the ferocity of the eastern grimm was the direct cause of creating such a ruthless leader.  The search for a non-sorcerous healing tool has ended with this my masterpiece.  This added benefit should sway some of these wild grimm into its service.  It is unknown if the new Shaman will breed true or at all with grimm, keprie, or only other shamen.  Time will give us that answer.  Of course, the cocooning process ensures complete loyalty.  In short, the ceremonies were successful on all counts.  Once perfected the Skaern will be able to perform the process without the aid of my ceremonies.

                                                                        Your Servant,



Danae's notes: Skaern are half-spider half-man.

                        These new shaman were seen to heal selves and others without magic.

                        Start by cocooning keprie

                        Elizabeth rumored to be in Glen Marach





To my newly hatched Skaern allies,


My new creations have been busy collecting recruits from the displaced gurtal tribes in the area.  The marching troops have been quite a boon and with the displacement of so many tribes, our Shamen have had excellent results in collecting foot soldiers.  So great was their success that we shall be sending raids into the town of Blackmoore to better evaluate their capabilities.  This is where you my friends will come in, you will be one of the waypoints for Shamen raiding parties.  Please provide them with shelter during the day, and any supplies they might need as some of the grimm may be poorly equipped for battle since driven from its home.  The two farmers who live in this cottage will likely expire shortly after your birth.  Feel free to use them to welcome the raiding parties as they will no doubt be famished after their long journey.





Greetings Valez,


I have high expectations that you will turn out to be a promising student.  I trust your voyage to Arinth was as long as it was subtle.  As you are reading this letter, you have no doubtedly met one of our allies.  The Skaern will be working with you quite a bit, so get used to their appearances.  This Skaern will lead you to a cave that I recently discovered.  The cave has three portals, or exits if you will.  The first portal is here on Arinth, which is where you will be accessing the cave.  The second portal will take you to Tulevar Island.  You will use these two portals to harvest some of the native Kepri from Tulevar and bring them back to Arinth for us.  The unusual aspect of the cave is that the cave is a cave on Tulevar with no physical connection to Arinth as far as I can tell.  After some study the cave does not exist on Arinth at all.  It seems that some unknown magic around Tulevar has pulled a bit of Arinth closer to Tulevar, thus allowing one of the cave openings to exit onto Arinth.  This nexus of spatial distortion is almost certainly unstable, which is why I am sending you on this first task as you are clearly expendable until proven otherwise.  Feel free to study this cave system but do not exit the third portal.  It leads to an island wrecked by some unknown agents.  As best I can determine, the island lies somewhere in the sea Northeast of Arinth.  Until I or my master can learn more, I advise against any excursions to the unknown island.


Oh, and as a little note.  The last person to seek my and the Skaern’s training and spurn it before completion is now dead and lost in Baranor – Victim to her own vanity in conquest.  Conquer the world with an oversized stew!  Indeed!  Don’t think you too can learn what you like and then run off or I will make you wish you end up half as lucky as her.








As you are well aware by now, the Master of war and his two lackeys – Jack & the Viper as you know them – have brought their little scourge to our side of the island in full force.  As I am sure you would agree, their presence is becoming quite troublesome.  Currently neither of us can directly oppose his menace.  However, I believe that together we may each accomplish our objectives.  My acolyte will point you in the direction of a Minor Keldry noble who has become lost trying to flee to the safety of the ships.  You will rescue him from the grimm, who will soon know his and his family’s location.  They will know this because I have an informant who will tell the Master of War’s forces of the noble’s location.  You must go and save him and his poor family before the Grimm captures him.  What’s in this for me?  Well, the noble happened to have left some things behind in his cottage and I cannot retrieve them from the full force that the Master of War has sent to the cottage.  But when half of his force leaves to steal the noble and his family from you then that should weaken the force pillaging the cottage enough for my acolytes to get in and secure what I am looking for.  Simple enough?  You get to rescue the noble and I get what I want.  The Master of War gets nothing rather than both the noble and the cottage.  Simple decision I think.  Don’t you?  Now why don’t you run along and be the Hero.





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