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Balthasar's Archives
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Notes on the Labyrinth

This is a rough transcript of a conversation we had with Orlus Xilonen Glil-Kasril in Septembris 403.

Long ago, there was a cave which held a power.  Its nature was unknown, save that children who wandered in were changed into keprie.  A hunter among the Tulevarteca (second generation that is, he was born to Tulevar but his grandparents were not, I think) entered the cave to confront the threat.  He reacted before the Orlai of the time were able to react.  He became that which is now called the Minotaur.  The man himself was not known to have any special abilities.

The keprie followed the Minotaur where they could not be found, deeper into the cave.  Their numbers increased, and more children were taken.  The keprie are the islands most aggressive danger.  Keprie are believed to breed true.  The problem was getting worse.  Though dangerous fighters, they are primitive, but the Minotaur gave them leadership.  Their numbers expanded beyond what the wards could easily contain.

If they (the orlai) had waited longer, it might have gotten past them.  Thus they chose containment rather than destruction.  The ritual was only partly successful.  The Minotaur cannot leave the Labyrinth.  The Orlai who created the Labyrinth brought its places from Elsewhere.  It was the case even before the Labyrinth was made that one could walk from Tulevar to other places.  The Orlai seek the keys of the Labyrinth because the keprie are not contained within.

On the Day of Speaking (when the Oracles prophesy to the people), the magic of the Oracle causes the other magic of the Orlai to fluctuate.

When the Labyrinth was created, it was necessary that each chamber be anchored.  Tilmatzin-Kasril was the Jaguar Knight who went in to place the anchors.  He was the best of his generation.  Some of the Council hope that he was able to observe the Minotaur and grant insight on how to defeat it.

The Labyrinth is unhealthy.  The warping of space is also unhealthy.  Lengthy exposure to that which created the Minotaur cannot be safe.  (This is why each group of Arinthians that ventures in takes different people.)  The deconstruction of the spell holding the final chamber must immediately follow the removal of the last of the other chambers.  The Labyrinth is maintained through a constant expenditure of mana.  There is an additional danger: the places drawn from Elsewhere were not empty.  The library that Jax sought is rumored to be in the Labyrinth, but the orlai we spoke to knew nothing of it.

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