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Balthasar's Archives
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The Journal of Blaize Triestre

Blaize's journal included these words of advice to future Town Guard captains.

This I write for other

guard captains forgive mistakes

I am new to writing.


I am Captain of Greymist

Townguard.  When Voldari

troops arrived they made

me captain because I am

Voldari and because Nicobar

spoke for me well.

I had not been on

The guard before that.


I nearly said no because

my friends of Townguard

might be mad but if I had,

another Voldari who does

not care about our Town would

be captain.


Though it would be

difficult depend on where loyalties

lie I have some simple

advisements for future



 - Regardless of who

is ruling Arinth even or

especially if they are your

own people, set the people

of the town as your

first priority.  Though you

may need to cooperate with

whatever government rules,

they will usually respect

a decision to act as

guardian of the people.

If you care overly much

for the opinion of those

who rule, then become

a politician and leave the

guard to someone else.


Do not mistake my words

as a voice against doing

what you can to get

along well with those

who rule Just remember

who you truly serve.


 - The law tends to be

unjust more often the

law will allow criminals

to escape than be punished.

It is very easy to become

bitter over this or to let

your guard act with over-

zealousness.  DO NOT

DO THIS.  It is always

easier to kill than to prove

guilt, and the easier way will

always have the most traps.

Also by allowing your guard

to do this you do them

the disservice of giving

them blood guilt. I really

do speak better than I



What all these ramblings

mean is merely this do not

kill out of frustration with

the laws.  Do not allow

your guard to do so.  If you

do you will have a bloodthirsty

guard that has as much chance

of killing the innocent as the



 - Trust people to do what

they must.  Your truest friend

will still betray you to

save a wife and daughter

if you are aware of how their

priorities lie, then you will never

be betrayed in the end we

will all do our duty Our

duty is just not always obvious to



Try not to let glory

go to your head or

even be seen as heroic

if possible.  The world

hates heroes really.

Perhaps this seems cynical,

but I have seen that as

soon as someone is brought

to the eyes o the public, they

began to look constantly

for the weaknesses in the

so called hero.  Eventually

they will find these weaknesses

we all have them, and will

feel let down by their hero.

They will then tell everyone

else the flaws of the hero

and scoff at those who looked

up to them.  It astonishes

me that anyone makes it to the

story books, but maybe they

died early.


 - If you cannot leave

your prejudices behind, then

you should not be a guard

captain on Arinth.  Even

the natives of Arinth come

from a hodgepodge of

cultures.  Most of the

newer citizens of course come

from all over.  If you

only like elves, or Al torrans,

then go serve them in some

capacity to serve Arinth

is to serve all peoples.


 - I am Greymist Captain and

currently Dane is Innismor captain

while in Innismor I help him

where needed.  If you are

not the kind of person who would

help another guard captain

then once again perhaps

this is not the position for

you.  If you stay in your

own town to keep the

peace that is one thing, but

if you can ignore screams

for help just because you

are on vacation then you

are not really captain


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