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Balthasar's Archives
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Spirit Anchoring Ceremony

We once planned to use this to bind someone to the Teaching Crystal, so that the shards of the Katas Crystal might be protected.  For a number of reasons, this did not come to pass.  The ceremony itself was discovered within the Teaching Crystal, where the anchors of the Masters of the Order of Darkness were kept.



This Ceremonial Casting is very dangerous as it uses the actual spirit of the caster as the prime component.  If components are destroyed or damaged as a result of this ritual, then the caster will be utterly annihilated.  However the results of a successful casting produce an effect beyond measure.  The caster will become completely immortal although in spirit form.  Even if the spirit is dispersed by some means, then it will simply reform within the anchor stone and be free to travel again.


This Ceremonial Casting must be performed during the spring when death turns to life, or in the autumn when life turns to death.  Casting during other times of the year has resulted in the spirit being trapped in this world or the world of spirit.


You will need a crystal.  The best items seem to be a Tal Doril, or a piece of uncut quartz that you have imbued into.  The spell should be reflective of your nature, and perhaps a spell that you have some significant feelings for.  Erase Memories is not appropriate and again has disastrous results.  The crystal should be immersed in purest water which has been infused with Essential Water.  The water should be kept in a wooden bowl infused with Essential Wood.


The ritual should be performed either in a Dorum Tal, or within the Tal itself.  The caster should be surrounded within a Wall of Elemental Stone, or by stones (again particularly ones of significance to the caster) that have been infused with Essential Stone.


To begin the ritual, light a single black or white candle and infuse the flame with Essential Fire.  Speak the words, Let the light of this flame bind my spirit through the ritual.  Let my spirit seek the flame and not cross over.  If this candle should blow out before the rituals completion, the results will be disastrous.


Take the crystal from the water and dry it with the flame.  The caster should meditate on the crystal.  Capture every facet and every edge in their mind.  Feel the spirit energy in the crystal and let it come in tune with your own spirit energy.  Feel the preservation and healing powers of wood and water that have surrounded it.  This meditation should take at least five minutes.  A low meditative chant can be helpful with the attunement.  The words do not seem to be important.  This suggests personal introspection may be the key to discovering what if anything should be said.


Once the caster has spent sufficient time attuning himself to the crystal, he must then prepare to anchor his existence to the crystal.  A circle of allies, friends, and family should come and give their farewells, knowing that the caster will be going to the spirit realm.  Along with that farewell should be an acknowledgement that the person will be immortal, and that their bond shall tie the caster to the living, as well as to the world of spirit.


Once the caster has affirmed his acknowledgement to the world of the living, it is time for them to depart to the world of spirit.  An Essential Air is placed on the crystal and the caster breathes his life-breath onto the crystal.  The Essential Air should infuse with the casters breath and draw it out of the caster and into the crystal.  The caster will begin to suffocate at this point.  Care must be taken to remain calm and understand that dying in the body is required for living in the spirit.


Once the caster begins to suffocate, he will need to plunge a dagger, infused with Essential Metal into his own body.  The blood must spill on the crystal, which should absorb it, as it did the breath.  Once the body is empty of blood and breath, the spirit should arise within the crystal and emerge.


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