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Balthasar's Archives
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Imperial Academy documents, part two

We found these documents in an abandoned building not far from the Imperial base.

Maras 1, 401

By Order of the Voldari Empire

(superceding any previous orders, to be carried out immediately)


Special Officer Valorus Calaris,


Report to the Experimental Facility on Arinth.  Accompanying documents will provide for your swift passage and instruct the commander there to escort you to prisoner holding outpost VIII-B.  Do not discuss these orders with anyone.  Prisoners at this location are being held in secret and their names are not to be divulged.  These are high-ranking members of enemy forces who for various reasons are not to be executed unless no other means can prevent their escape.


It is hoped that these prisoners can be broken and turned to our purposes in various ways, but as yet the officer you are being sent to replace has failed in this task.  It is hoped that your skills will be superior to his.  Do not disappoint us.


Imperator Refis





Avrilis 20, 401

Special Officer Valorus Calaris,


By now you will have learned who prisoner XV is and hopefully you understand the need for secrecy, as well as the importance of your work.  Very few know that he is in our custody.  He was given over by a group of nobles of his own nation who hoped to win our favor.


The others entrusted to your care are of lesser importance, but could still be of great use to us if they can be convinced.  I am told that your methods are extraordinary.  I wish I could be there to see you work.


Additionally, I will soon send you a Stone Alchemist and a specialist in experimental work with that element.  He has been given permission to study a small dorum Farsh (and dorum Fail) located a few hours walk from your base.  Give him quarters and support his efforts so long as they do not interfere with your own.


Imperator Refis





Junis 3, 401

Special Officer Valorus Calaris


I suspect that you may be right in your suspicion that the three sisters are trying to deceive you.  Given how well they held out against the initial torture for information, it seems unlikely that all three would become mad at this time.  Continue your work and see what happens next.  I am considering that we should eventually release one or two of them with the threat of death to the youngest if they will not do as we order.


As for the others, you must learn how they are communicating with each other.  The cells are well constructed and thick-walled, yet by your accounts they seem to have knowledge of one anothers status.  Certainly they would be more malleable if they were better isolated.


Your work with prisoner XV concerns me.  If anything it sounds as if he is becoming stronger, and you yourself admit that the others have somehow received communication from him in spite of his isolation.  Your detailed reports and your speculations about the prisoners have been very interesting, but I am becoming impatient with the lack of results.


Imperator Refis





Julias 12, 401

Special Officer Calaris,


I want you to issue an immediate reprimand to your scouts who brought the Shakir prisoners to your facility for questions.  Any mercenary foolish enough to attempt a raid on the Empire obviously doesnt know his head from his ass and they should have been put to death immediately.  Similarly, when I learn how their ship was allowed to stray so far east from the blockade there will be an accounting.  Just because your station is near the coast does not obligate you to take in any scum who happen to be capture in that region.  Their ship has been commandeered but the goods brought to you are of no interest to me and you may do with them as you see fit but if ANY Shakir remains alive who has seen your outpost I want them eliminated immediately.  We cannot risk the security of your project.


Imperator Refis





Augustum 5, 401



Certain matters have escalated.  Sending a specialist to help you with prisoner XV.  Traditional methods have failed and she is an expert in using sorcery to affect the mind.  The escape attempt, though you thwarted it, is just another sign that his continued resilience has inspired the other prisoners to do foolish things.  Once she has done her work I believe you will be able to continue yours with much better results.


Imperator Refis


I'm open to suggestions as to who XV or the sorcerer may be.  Saul suggested Prince Turlough for the prisoner and the Viper for the sorcerer.  This theory needs either support from other sources, or evidence to the contrary.  Certainly the Viper says in her journal that "mental magics are my specialty."