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Balthasar's Archives
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General Pavarum letter

This is an old letter that Heather passed off to me years ago.  I think she said she got this copy from Stratford.  I post it here mostly as a curiosity.

Octovrum 7, 397



General Tenebras,


Greetings old comrade.  It has been long since we have spoken.  Hopefully we shall see one another soon; perhaps in Tarnas this winter.  Things go well along the Al Torr border.  There has been no sign of the Al Torrans attempting to take advantage of our momentary weakness while the majority of our forces are committed to the war in the south.  Our good relations are currently being solidified by a visit from our esteemed Lead Citizen himself, Valerian Salvatore.  Personally, I feel that it is foolhardy for our Lead Citizen to take such chances poisonings and assassinations are almost commonplace in that blasted place.  Yet, from what I hear, his talks with the Ja Torr have gone marvelously well.  If his gamble succeeds, and we gain the Al Torr as an ally we cannot fail in restoring the empire to its former glory.

    May fortune smile upon you in your journey to that forsaken island.  I have heard naught by rumors concerning the people of that place, but none of the rumors have been good.  Step carefully around Lucan as well.  Sometimes I think he knowingly uses his familys curse to his advantage.  Heed your orders and keep him on a tight leash the island should be ours soon enough.  The plans have already been drawn for the occupation next spring or early summer at the latest, depending upon how the war in the south proceeds.  Again, I feel that this is rash, a waste of resources, yet Salvatore is adamant that we need the metals, and we need them now.  Yet I cannot help but think that there is more to his urgent need to occupy that island.  Indeed there are times I wonder about the motives of our new leader.  Yet there is no naysaying that he has brought about a pride in our people that has not been known since the days before the cataclysm.  Sometimes even I am overtaken by the grandeur of it all as if fulfilling my destiny like one of the great generals of old.  Farewell my friend and may we soon be toasting one anothers health in person?


Your comrade in arms,

General Pavarum

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