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A Study of Ley Lines

We recovered this document from an Oakenshield cache in Deepfrost 403.

A Study of Ley Lines

By Kadiera Kalemsar

Mantleholder of Oakenshield


A student who wishes to join the Order of Oakenshield and protect the magical and natural surroundings of the planet must have at least a basic understanding of the lines of power that hold this world together. Without proper understanding of the interaction between these lines and natural phenomena, it will be difficult to cultivate and improve the world. A proper steward learns how to use magical manipulation of the Ley Lines along with physical manipulation of the land in order to achieve maximum result.


Students are taught at an early age that lines of power, invisible to the naked eye, called Ley Lines exist.  They are also taught that lines exist for each of the six elements found in nature. Beyond this information, the scholar rarely go in to any more detail until the later levels of Alchemical or Sorcerous theory.  The reasons of which are simple:  Ley Lines are difficult to perceive and almost impossible to manage even by the most powerful Alchemists.  The average person on the street has little need to know the inner workings of the world.  Oakenshield members are held to a higher standard.  Even those completely without magical talent must be aware of the consequences their actions have upon the metaphysical world.


Ley Lines exist within places that have great concentration of the natural element. Where there is a large concentration of Metal, say an ore depository, the lines of power will exist within that space.  Ley Lines have no physical presence. They exist only as an intangible presence that can be taped into at places known as Dorums. They tend to travel from one concentration of element to another, thickening where the presence of the element is strong, and thinning, sometimes beyond the capacity of even the most skilled Alchemists to view, where little of the natural element exists.


When Ley Lines intersect with one another, they sometimes form Dorums. An intersection of two Ley Lines of the same type will create a Dorum solely of that Element.  An intersection of non-opposing Ley Lines will create a Dorum wherein magics of both elements may be accessed.  There are recorded intersections of three non-opposing Elements, and of all Six.  Current Alchemical Theory holds that four lines, even two opposite pairs will not hold a stable configuration.  Attempts to create such a Dorum have invariably produced two Dorums of non-opposing elements. Dorums of Six Elements, or Dorums Almatul are extremely rare and most are believed to have been artificially created. A good example of such can be found near the Founding Point of Oakenshield in Innismor. It is not uncommon for a single Ley Line to loop and intersect with itself rather than a Dorum being formed by an intersection of two Ley Lines. The very existence of a Ley Line can have an influence on the natural elements around it: Fires will burn hotter along fire lines. Metals will be stronger and sharper.


Where a Ley Line bends or bows but does not intersect there is a gathering of magical power.  This magical power sometimes becomes sufficiently concentrated that it will take physical form. These essential elements represent raw Elemental and magical  energies that can be very useful in performing higher ceremonial magics.  Such items can also be used to replenish an Alchemists power in times of need. When not being used, such items tend to be inert, and can be stored safely even with essential elements of opposing natures. Elementals can feed on essential elements and their use in circle elevations or learning new spells can often serve as a powerful bargaining tool.


Observing Ley Lines can be crucial in understanding problems occurring in the natural world. If a lake goes dry, it may be because of some interference with the Water Ley Line.  Such disturbances can be caused by the use of powerful magic.  Likewise tampering with the natural world can cause shifts in the Ley Lines.  A large dam may shift or bend the Stone Ley Lines while weakening the Water Ley Lines. Generally changes must be dramatic to cause this change to take place. Cutting down a single oak will generally little effect on the Wood Ley lines, but clearing an entire forest could.


As a side observation, Spirit does not manifest as a line.  Instead, Spirit energy tends to coalesce, much like dew around areas where there are strong signs of life.  This is especially prominent around cities. Dorums then, are the result of strong numbers of life, or strong emotions occurring in a place.


It is difficult to observe Ley Lines. A Master Alchemist who has devoted himself to a special communion or attunement with her element can eventually develop the ability.  It is far more common to view Ley Lines using a Ley Scrying device.  The creation of such devices can be found in Memory Crystal 246A and should be reviewed only by those with sufficient skill to perform ceremonial magics. Once such a device is obtained, if there is an imbalance that may be due to the Ley Lines being disturbed, a member of Oakenshield can travel along the route of the line and usually find the source of the disturbance. Then it can be established what is causing the disturbance and what measures should be taken to fix it.


Direct and deliberate tampering with Ley Lines is very dangerous and should only be performed with direct sanction from your superiors. Errors in judgment can be catastrophic.  Unforseen results are common with such a major occurrence.  It is far preferred to go to the natural source of any Ley Line interference. Often, one will find an Alchemist or Sorcerer performing significant magics nearby.  Also considerable alterations to the terrain may make a Ley Line unstable.

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