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Balthasar's Archives
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Death of Salvatore

This is a letter I sent to Earl McPherson after we first killed Salvatore in Fevrum 401.  He walked it off, in a manner of speaking.

My Lord MacPherson:

Some men who were believed to belong to the Brethren of the Cold and Dark approached Amon and said, Its time for your meeting.  Amon accompanied them under the belief that they belonged to that same Fellowship.  Several of the townsfolk, including Gaius, Heather, Tobin, Verruchio, and Darius, pursued them.  Amon and those escorting him disappeared in a flash of Tal Shar energy. 

Amon found himself elsewhere on Arinth, in a town that had been massacred.  Salvatore, three Eagle Talons, and Lady Senna al Torr el Tett were present.  Lady Senna babbled incoherently; I posit that she was under the effects of magical control.  The Emperor offered Amon power, which he refused.  Amon bargained for the freedom of Lady Senna.  She was freed on the condition that Amon return to town and get the Torr, who we know as the Warlord, to come face the Emperor. 

Amon returned to town and spoke briefly with the Warlord.  Amon, the Warlord, and one of the Warlords guards headed back to where the Emperor waited.  The Warlord and the Emperor argued for some time before they began fighting in earnest.  Amon escaped the conflict with Lady Senna.  When people of the town attempted to heal her, it became apparent that brews worsened her condition; the cause of this is uncertain. 

The Warlord was captured; Jaikar and others of the townsfolk went to negotiate for his release.  The Warlord then became some sort of werewolf-like creature, although I am assured that he is not in fact a werewolf.  In this changed shape, he attacked the Emperor. 

At this time, the people of the town joined the fray.  As many as nine more Eagle Talons appeared suddenly to fight the townsfolk.  The Emperor proved to be immune to weapons that were not imbued with magical energy.  In time, all of the Eagle Talons were slain, and the Emperor hacked down.  I myself arrived at the end of the fight, in time to see to the wounded.  Some of the townsfolk had been slain; the sorcerers of the town saw to restoring them to life. 

At Darius request, Nura al Greymist cast a Stabilize on the Emperor to prevent him from bleeding to death without waking him up.  Although several of the townsfolk wished to kill the Emperor on the spot, he was carried down the hill to the Falcons Nest.  En route, he awakened and resumed his attack.  He was again hacked down.  Gorin cast Metal Bands to imprison him, and Verruchio fed him a sleep brew.  Airk attempted to kill the Emperor at this time, but Xyjak, Verruchio, and Grii prevented him from doing so. 

Ducal Magistrate Xyjak and Darius went into the Dream Realm to speak with the Emperor.    Within the Dream Realm, the Emperor claimed to be on a mission of revenge against the Warlord.  The Emperor killed Xyjak and Darius with Shar magics, but in doing so he overcast his mana reserves and so died.  Verruchio used Dream Magic to restore them to life.  The three of them were then expelled from the Dream Realm.  In the waking world, the Emperor was seen to decay at a rate of about a week every minute.


I would like to thank Amon, Ducal Magistrate Xyjak, and Darius Cornelius for their great aid in this writing.


Balthasar of the True Academy

Archivist to Earl Fenrick McPherson and the Duchy of Arinth


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