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Balthasar's Archives
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Fair Folk Compacts

This record came from the same Oakenshield cache as many of the other documents.  It details the compact between mortals and Fair Folk, including the benefits that each receives.

Unto Lady Catriona, Keeper of Compacts, Mistress of the Eldest Oak Seneschal to the King of all Fair Folk, I, Hadassa Kalemsar, Mantleholder of Oakenshield and emissary of the Mortal Races as decreed by Her Imperial Majesty Empress Astorea Gracchus send greetings.


We of the mortal folk are honored by your presence. The Fair Folk inspire us to song and heroism.  Their feet enrich the ground and strengthen the crops. Their magic becomes part of this world and blesses us with increased energy. 


In return, our bards and minstrels sing the praises of the Fair Folk.  Our stories enrich the Fair Folk and our Dreams and Imagination give your people form and substance. 


This mutual assistance and honor between both parties has been codified in the Innismoor Treaty.  We will respect your ways in this town, refusing locks, placing libations for brownies, and eschewing Iron.  In return you will bless us with strong crops, strong people, and strong magic.


I and my collegues in the Order of Oakenshield, do have concern with one of the terms.  Your compact states that the Contest of the Seasons will be held in Innismor and there the changing of the courts shall be determined.  While a certain amount of disruption will be held, it is my belief that the Talricks can simply declare the days involved a holiday and minimize the disruption. It is our belief that suitable individuals can be found in Innismor to represent the two courts.


Of greater concern is your statement that Upon the day that the games are banned, great tragedy will befall Inismor.  Before the next turning of the seasons, the ground will crack, fire will flow like water, and all growing things will die.  Pronouncements like this sit ill with the Mortal folk and you would be ill advised to hold your wishes over our heads in such a way.


Is it possible that some rewording of this Doom could be effected?  Or some means of escape? Every curse, after all, by your Kings Decree, must be escapable. Must this one be so binding and absolute?  I look forward to making inroads to resolve what would otherwise surely be the makings of a rift between our people and yours.




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