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Balthasar's Archives
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Maradas Graham

These are some of the tales of Maradas Graham that we have collected over the years, because of Thorpe and Jenny.

The Tale of Arona Talerick

(Maradas Graham)


Back in the day before Innismor was more than a hamlet it was troubled by all manner of foul beasts, from goblins to gundthwarts to grimm.  These creatures of darkness and evil respected no law above that brought by their own weapons and might, making them unreasoning enemies of the small community deep within the elven woods.  While this town had a town guard, it was a collection of farmers with the tools of their livelihood led by a mayor who had no experience in military matters, leaving them to fare poorly against the forces arrayed against them.


To save this town of a dark and grisly fate at the hands of its many unfriendly neighbors, a small band of  warriors came from the north.  Calling themselves the Green Circle, this group of ten warriors and migicians were fleeing some great menace from a faraway land, and found that despite the danger they faced in stopping their flight, they could not turn their backs on the poor village of Innismor.  They took upon themselves to keep the small town safe and ensure the survival of its people.


The green circle was lead by a woman by the name of Arona Talerick, whom the people of the town soon took to calling Lady Talerick, despite her lack of true noble title.  Lady Talerick was a fierce warrior and a powerful sorcerer, said to be able to restore life to the dead with her magnificent arts.  These abilities she used to fend off this towns foes and heal its people, becoming the new midwife of the town when the old one passed on. She was as much a mother to the people of Innismor as a protector, and she was revered for it.


With Lady Talerick came her brother Joshua Talerick, a woodsman and archer who was also known for seeing spirits and could supposedly find minerals by observing the flows of magical energy.  He was known to be a special friend of the fair folk, who took him to their realm on several occasions, which was believed to be the cause of unusually slow aging.  Some thought that through the touch of such magical beings he had become immortal like them, or maybe a fair folk himself.


Most  of the other members of the Green Circle were warriors who had served under Lady Talerick for years in their foreign home against whatever foe had been pursuing them. Only one other among them was a magician, and alchemist known as Karen Rouge, who acted as the battle leader of the Circle.  She retired from such duties though, a few years after arriving, because she was of extremely advanced age, and settled down to start a family amongst the people of Innismor. Her line continues today amongst the defenders of Innismor.


During their stay in Innismor, the Green circle set about keeping the town safe from all who wished it ill and making it a better place for those who lived there. They set about building woodworks about the main portions of the town, and building a mill the remains of which can still be seen at the riverfront. Treaties were made with the surrounding elves to ensure peace and prosperity amongst both races, with Joshua Talerick taking a bride from amongst the elven people.  They produced a human child named Braddock who would oulive the Green Circle to continue the Talerick line.


While the Green Circle protected Innismor for nearly a decade, their time in the sun was to be cut short. When the Grim began raiding in the next coming of their twenty-year cycle, their attacks were they harshest seen in anyones memory. They beat down the wooden defenses of the town and burned down the mill, leaving Innismor itself spared only at the cost of seven of the Green Circles lives. Acting under the guidance of some greater power the Grim took Joshua Talerick hostage, leaving only his sister. The Grim received such a battle that they retreated into the mountains shortly there after, and did not return to the lowlands of Arinth for the next fourty years. In their retreat they took Joshua though, imprisoning him in whatever dark citadels they hold beyond the eyes of good folk.

Not wanting to give up her brother, Lady Talerick gave pursuit into the mountains, going alone against whatever forces held her brother hostage. All were sad to see her depart that day, and many suspected the truth that she would never return to Innismor. Still, none were to stand in the way of this noble lady, whom Innismor owed so much.

The Story of the Goblin King

by Maradas Graham

Goblins were not always the castoffs they are now, lurking in corners and fighting over the scraps left by the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. Once they were the minions of the Unseelie fey, with their master, the Goblin King, being counted among that evil kingdoms number as well. This is the story of his fall.


The Goblin King began his service to the Unseelie Queen as a spy and assassin, becoming feared throughout the faerie realms for his keen blade, seamless plans, and ability to come and go as little more than a winter breeze. He was responsible for many a Seelie noble meeting their final end at the point of an iron blade. He worked his way up through the ranks of the Unseelie both through skill and betrayal, with rumors saying he attained his final rank as spymaster by throwing the last Spymaster off the parapets of the Unseelie Queens castle.


One of the reasons of the Goblin Kings rise to power were his loyal minions, the deformed creatures known as goblins. They are an evil breed of creatures, weak in body and mind, though treacherous and skilled in the arts of skullduggery. They acted as his eyes and ears in many instances, and sometimes as his assassins, as he often used them to wield blades of iron against his faerie foes. No one questioned why the Goblin King had these minions, as they served the Unseelie, though the Queen became curious when she found they would not obey her. To this end she sent one of her minions, Larille the satyr, to spy on the Goblin King. He discovered the horrible truth behind the goblins, that they are the transformed children of faeries, both Seelie and Unseelie, whom the Goblin King had kidnapped.


As soon as Larille reported back to his liege, she cast the Goblin King out of the Unseelie lands, and when the Seelie King learnt of his deeds, he was also banished from the Seelie realms. All that was left was the Labyrinth, a left over, decimated land in a desolated corner of the faerie realms. The Goblin King fled there with his goblin minions, his Jester Julian, and a dream creature of his own creation, the Hobgoblin, a master of fear and torture.  It is unknown why the Goblin King was not outright destroyed, and it is rumored that he had some information the Unseelie Queen would not want released that he used as a bargaining chip. Darker rumors say that through the art of dream-smithing the Goblin King has become more than faerie, but also less that faerie.  It is rumored he is no longer harmed by iron weapons, and many of the other weapons against the faerie, while other weaknesses have appeared. The one known weakness is his true name. Any who know his true name may harm him with any weapon or magic, though his name has been wiped from all annals of faerie history. Many have struggled through trick and force to obtain his name, but none have succeeded.


The Goblin King remains in the Goblin Realms, in his castle beyond the Goblin City and takes faerie children whose parents are less than vigilant. He builds his forces, biding his time until he can march on the Seelie or Unseelie courts and name himself king. Fortunately for the mortal world he can only enter during the transition between the Seelie and Unseelie courts, though his goblins may enter any time of the year.  They are sent to take those children unwatched by parents, or those who are unwanted by their parents.  He has been known to take mortal children of extreme wickedness, so watch ye behavior young ones lest the goblins might be paying you a visit.


The Story of Sir Lawrence Cassad, Knight Errant of the Seelie Court

by Maradas Graham


Sir Lawrence Cassad was one of the most famed knights of his day in the Seelie Kingdom. Loyal retainer of the Seelie King he traveled the length and breadth of the realms righting wrongs and fighting the encroachments of the Unseelie beyond their domain. He was famous for his upholding of the laws of chivalry, never taking advantage of an opponent from behind or when unarmed. The most popular story of Sir Lawrence is his recapturing of Draken, a dream creature mistakenly created by the Dream-smith Corasmus.


Draken was created as a nightmare creature by Corasmus, the dreamsmith. Corasmus power was beginning to fray in his old age and during his sleep his dreams would manifest about him, from which dreams Draken appeared. Draken was given permanence by Corasmus apprentice Korich, who continued his career to greater treacheries, but that is another story.  The beast escaped from Corasmus tower and fled to the far reaches of the Seelie realms, to the Silver wood, which bordered the Unseelie lands.


Sir Lawrence set off after the beast as soon as he saw it leap from the parapets of the castle and take flight. Saddling his faerie steed Windrider, he gave chase across the entirety of the Seelie realms, his steed not faltering a step the entire voyage. So concerned with the safety of the Seelie realms with this creature loose  he didnt even take the time to bid his wife and child farewell. But this would be his undoing final.


Reaching the Silver Wood, Sir Lawrence saw the creature sink into the wooded depths and dismounted to give chase through the underbrush. He soon found that the beast had traversed a portal through the mortal realms to the land about Innismor and gave chase, though he did so without his steed.


In the mortal realm he tracked the beast for three days as it flew across the countryside, destroying any and all life it found. Sir Lawrence finally caught up to it on the edge of the mountains.  He chanced upon it while it slept, but could not bring himself to slay the creature in its sleep, as that would violate the code of conduct he held so dear. While considering what to do, he gave a call to the surrounding animals, and received strange help indeed.


He was approached by a small band of furred, clawed creatures you and I know as chitterlings. He did not know the creatures at all and thought them first dangerous, but soon found them more curious of his chain mail than anything else. Giving them some links from his armor he engaged them in what could pass for conversation.  They soon brought one of their number which was silver in color, rather than brown, whom the beasties introduced as Greymane. This one proposed a plan to Sir Lawrence, which involved dropping a magical potion down the throat of Draken the dragon that invoked a field of powerful cold.  This would prevent him from using his fiery breath against the fey champion.


Agreeing to this, Sir Lawrence bade the chitterlings sneak forth and do so. Being a silent and stealthy race they easily scaled the sleeping dragon without waking it, filling its massive mouth with the freezing substance. As it awoke they scampered away into the brush, leaving Lawrence to fight the monster.


As it reared to its full height, fully twice as tall as the surrounding trees, it tried to destroy Sir Lawrence with its fiery breath, but nothing came forth but steam. As it roared in confusion, Sir Lawrence charged, sword and shield raised high. A battle began the likes of which this isle has rarely seen, and the forests were filled with the ringing of faerie silver on the steel strength scales of the dragons. Using his size and speed to his advantage, Sir Lawrence darted around the monster, the much slower dragon having a terrible time attempting to strike the weaving knight.  The battle raged for the remainder of the day, but in the end Draken fell to the fey blade of Sir Lawrence Cassad.


Thanking the Chitterlings for their help he returned to his home in the Seelie realms to proclaim his victory, but found a great tragedy had beenperpetrated in his absence.  His two children had been kidnapped by the Goblin King as he was cast out of the kingdom for slaying Corasmus the dream-smith. They were taken while playing in the gardens outside the Seelie Kings palace. Seeking permission  from the Seelie King, he entered the Goblin realms after his children, but was unable to rescue them in the thirteen hours it takes to transform a faerie into a goblin.  Still, he stayed, thinking that they were still his children no matter what their forms. But rumors say he still ha not succeeded and remains in the labyrinth, still hunting after his children in that nightmarish place despite several centuries having passed.

The Tragedy of Corasmus, the Dreamsmith

by Maradas Graham


In the realms of the Seelie there lived a faerie by the name of Corasmus, who was ancient even at the beginning of time. He had always been most skilled at the ancient arts of dream-smithing, the faerie magic of making the fragments of dreams real. Corasmus had long been in the service of the Seelie King, creating creatures and weapons beyond the bounds of normal craftsmanship. Form his workshop came gargoyles, silver swords as hard as steel and steeds capable of covering one hundred leagues in a day. Despite his lack of rank he was one of the most highly respected members of the Seelie court and a close friend of the King.


Corasmus was the first to learn dream-smithing, using his faerie magic to alter, control, and give substance to the very stuff of dreams.  He was the first to pioneer the powerful art and was one of the major forces in protecting the Seelie realms. This magic though, took its toll on Corasmus, who slowly lost the ability to tell the difference between where his dreams ended and his waking hours began. Some said that while sleeping his dreams would occasionally become real about him, sometimes attacking those in the chamber. It became worse when nightmares struck him and evil beings incapable of being described would appear around him.


After training dozens of apprentices a young fey who gave the name of Korich came to study under him. Korich showed great potential as a dream-smith as his imagination was powerful even for a faerie. He studied diligently, creating creatures of substance and shadow, though all seemed to be tainted with the edges of darkness. Corasmus, in his age, noticed little of this and taught Korich the majority of his craft. Corasmus two most powerful creatures, Barnabas the gargoyle and Turon the protector, both creatures of stone, doubted Korichs intentions though their master would hear none of it. Korich secretly began to use his magic to worsen the dreams of Corasmus causing all manner of evil creatures to appear in his sleep. One of these creatures, a dragon named Draken, appeared once while Corasmus was sleeping and was given permanent form by Korich.  Draken left the faerie realms for the mortal world, but that is another story for another day.


Soon afterward it came to a head when Korich was discovered to be the Goblin king and was cast out of the Faerie Realms and into the Goblin Lands. Before leaving he slew his master and took the crystal focuses of both Barnabas and Turon, imprisoning Barnabas in his maze and forcing Turon to guard the gates of the Goblin City. Corasmus was slain with an iron blade and thrown into the dream realms beyond the Faerie Lands. It is unknown if he is truly dead, or just trapped beyond this realm.  If he is trapped and he cannot free himself, only the greatest of heroes could free him.

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