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Balthasar's Archives
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The Viper's Correspondence

Melody sent this to me after she and others found it on a group of grim, at least one of which had been slain by Tal Shar.

To the Master of War,

Your conquest here is of no consequence to us or She we serve for now.
Play what games you wish with your puppets of bone and viscera and raise a
kingdom over the gross of this island if such is your desire.

The game She plays enfolds on a higher plane than such brute corporeality.
Take the island; She cares not.  But know that She is watching from the
shadows, and that her servants might surround you and still you would not
know them.

With what blade will you slay a whisper or impale a thought?

Is someone else referring to the Viper as "She," or is this a reference to another still-more-shrouded figure?