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Balthasar's Archives
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Master of War's Journal

One of the six companies we sent out in Blackmoor recovered this.  If you remember everyone who was part of that group, please tell me so I can give credit as credit is due.

From the Journal of the Shar−Ti Who Donned the Armor of War, Den−Tamor


Thirteen Masters of the Order of Darkness there were. Driven into hiding by the accursed Order of Light. The Fools. They do not understand the power that we hold. They point to the corruption of the flesh as proof of their righteousness. They do not understand the power we can access exceeds the mortal flesh. A true Master will transend transcend as the Thirteen did to become  something else... something far greater than mere mortal flesh. Six of the Order choose to transcend. They became known as the Nameless Ones. The other seven hid themselves away, perhaps for all time. It was those who became Nameless who truly understood their power. The Masters of War, Murder, Shar Ti, Mind, Flesh and Beasts choose this path. Of them, there are rumors that the Master of Mind has been destroyed. I find this hard to believe, but he has not been seen for several years now. Perhaps there is truth to the rumor, or perhaps he will resurface one day.


Even the Libraries of Visnar hold scarce little (burned off corner) information on the Nameless. They covered their tracks w−(corner burned off, though it can be assumed the word cut off is ˆwell˜). I have learned a little though. Each ceremony of transformation/transcendence was tailored specifically to the individual. In common with all was that (burn hole obscures a word) −ne of the individual was completely given up. In fact (burn hole, though it can be assumed the word obscured is ˆthere˜) are hints among the records purges within the Order, most likely as a result of the Masters eliminating any who might know their true name. Most had hidden their true names long ago. I have learned that Mistress Elthea that the true names hold power over any mortal, but most especially with sorcerers. In giving up their mortal names the Nameless ones have achieved true IMMORTALITY! Their mortal forms may be able to be destroyed, but their spirit could not. They would eventually be reborn, whether by means of a ritual performed by others or even their own power. Yet their true name would always remain their weakness. Still, each bound their spirit in a particular manner. To an item or a portion of their body. Without knowledge of the true name this item would prove to be nearly indestructible. If their mortal body was somehow destroyed, despite all of it’s power, the spirit could dwell in this safe place until they were reborn.

The Master of War favored his armor. I have learned that it was forged for him in his native land of Toma Ri and imbued with many dark powers. I know now that he is who calls to me... Surely it is HIS spirit that dwells within. He wishes for me to take it, to put it on, to (corner torn off and missing) his mantel. And yet I do not know. What will occur.


The Emperor is dead. With him, all our hope, all of our dreams for a new order. A new world free from the influence of the ancient ones. A would of security and justice. But we are scattered. The legions are in disarray. The simulacrum are gone. Without his leadership even the Inquisitors seem to have lost their focus... their command.

I have been recalled to Visnar, yet I have not obeyed. I new Emperor holds sway there, a Lucan Emperor. It is said that he is mad. It is said that he lacks vision. It is said that he seeks only glory and power. All these are good reasons for not returning and yet none of them are. Instead I remain because of the voice I here. The voice that whispers to me in the night. The voice that has whispered to me since my arrival on this island but has grown so much stronger since the death of the Emperor. The first time I heard the voice... calling me to put it on. It’s command was so strong that I nearly forgot the presence of (Corner torn, it can be assumes the next word is ˆthe˜) guards and of the standing order that none were to touch (The rest of the page is scratched out heavily. I used several methods of uncovering the text but to no avail. After concluding the final test, I honestly think there is nothing written under the scratching.)


Elthea does not understand my passion. I must (Corner burned off) the armor. It is the last hope for this I am the only hope for our crumbling Empire. The armies of Keldry hold the area Academy, but I Know our power can overcome! We will take the armor. I WILL become the Master of War and the Empire will rule again. Whispers are in the wind and we must act fast. The island and the all of the mainland must be secured and soon. If not all will be lost and all of our dreams will be washed away into the sea. All I need to is get within the building itself. With stealth we may even be able to succeed without confrontation. Not that would mind facing off with a few of their ˆHeros˜ Perhaps even the traitor Tradere will be among them. Him I would take the most delight in besting. To the best of my knowledge, once the armor is on I will absorb the spirit and power of the Master. I believe I can overcome him. He has been dead for so long that my spirit should prevail and I will take his power for my own!

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