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Balthasar's Archives
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Miscellaneous Master of War documents

These assorted documents come from many sources.  The commentary was written by Channing Stillman and Mathus Shadowborn.

General Orders

To: Officers, 5th Company, 3rd Battalion


Repeat these orders to your units during every morning formation. You will be held personally responsible for the conduct of your troops.

1. Punishment detail will be formed at each new moon. The final contribution of the participants to the war effort is noted. Any unit sending no violators to Punishment Detail will be inspected by DISCIPLINE and its officers commend or executed.

2. All Units are directed to be alert for caches of war material from previous wars, known to be present in our theatre of operations. Report all finds up the chain of command.

3. By the direction of COMMAND, units are not to engage elves in combat unless attacked first. Elves acting in cooperation with other races will be given the opportunity to separate themselves. Surrender offers from elven combatants will be accepted. Elves who do not surrender but who survive combat will be stabilized and held with the surrenders until they may be conveniently returned to their home region. Violators of this order are to be executed immediately and in view of any elves present.

4. There are agents of a third party active within our theatre. If identified, observe but do not attack. All units are directed to immediately report up the chain of command any evidence of:

*Unusual or exceptionally large spiders

*Unit members making contact with outside groups outside of orders

*Any document prisoner or encounter making mention of the Order of Darkness, ˆHaitiane˜ or the Mistress of Secrets.

5. The remains of all enemy combatants are to be dismembered. Construct displays as time permits.

6. Healthy non−elven prisoners are to be placed under guard for transport to labor sites. Dispose of the infirm.


Scattered Notes

All documents of a historical nature are recorded exactly as they appear on the original copy, this includes spelling errors and crossed out text.

The Master of War is a member of the Order of Darkness. There was some dispute over this issue when he came to seek a truce in Bilgewater on 23 Flowering, 406. To settle the matter John/Sir Aeldric asked him if he was, in fact, a member of the Order of Darkness to which the Master of War replied ˆyes˜

The name of the Shar−Ti who donned the armor and became the Master of War is Den−Tamor or Dendamor. This name was gathered by Stratford, Mathas, Angus and others.

Those who agreed to the truce should anticipate that such an oath is magically binding. In the past when oaths made to the Order of Darkness were broken, the oath breaker was killed right away by a Katas Tal Madar.

Expect multiple castings of Katas at worst, when we last faced him he opened the fight with one. Corrupt Bloods and Dominates have also been seen used heavily. He can either channel his magics through his staff, or his staff itself has magics within it. He has also been seen to use a single sword and dual swords. It is possible he will carry the tainted version of Grim Slayer, though the sword’s abilities are unknown to me.

THEORY: Once the armor had been worn, the spirit of the Nameless One took over the body of the Shar−Ti. The armor is not needed to maintain control of the body of the Shar−Ti and is likely being kept safe for the Nameless One’s spirit to return to once his physical body is destroyed.


The following is information from Mathas Shadowborn:

First Background and discussion on Ancient past:

There were 13 masters of the order of darkness. These were shar sorcerors who had become quite knowledgeable I believe during the Shadow War where the Orders of Light and Darkness waged a great conflict and where the Gurtal arose from along with the Elanti and Sharti. These masters each specialized in some domain.

These Masters were:

Masters of











Mistresses of




The Master of Mind worked to create a ceremony in which he believed would make the masters immortal by sealing away their Names into either an object or a part of their body. His initial results were only partially successful as he turned initiates of sorcery into what later bred true to become the Gurtal. The Master of Mind (Emarin) and the Master of Rites (Marris) disagreed on how one should become immortal with the master of mind believing it to be in some physical form and Marris believing that to become a spirit would be preferable (this is I believe where the spirit anchoring ceremony came from)

There was a division of the masters with 6 of them becoming nameless ones and the other 7 becoming spirits. The masters of War, Mind, Flesh, Beasts, Sharti and Murder became nameless and as we learned from the recent documents that the master of war at least sealed his name and his immortality in his armor.

The masters of Rites, spirits, crystals, oaths, secrets, deception, and acolytes became spirits anchored to the teaching crystal in Midpoint. We have since destroyed their anchor stones and so in theory these spirits passed with the next dawn and are no more.

Now what has happened since then: It is believed that the master of Beasts was named and destroyed by the hero Gavin Forst and we were there when Grii McVeigh named and destroyed the old master of mind Emarin in Sharok Pass.

(NOTE FROM CHANNING: The last known member of the ˆOrder of Balance˜, Alabaster, indicated that the Viper’s sidekick, ˆJack˜, may have become the Master of Beasts.)

It is believed that the Master of Rites was devoured by Nogoloth before he was destroyed by the townsfolk.

Also from my findings it is believed that perhaps the Tarum−for possibly killed the nameless one who had led them, and from reading it was said that the townsfolk destroyed a nameless one called Bloody Joe several times though if he was truly a nameless one or if he was destroyed permanently I do not know

With the information here it would appear that 3 or possibly 4 of the ancient nameless ones have been destroyed (we know 2 were destroyed for sure Emarin and the one Gavin Forst slew) However we also know that the armor of the old master of war is now worn by the sharti DenTimor and it is suspected that he is now bound to the old Master of War.

Additionally it is strongly believed that Liresse, known as the viper, has become nameless and has taken the title of mind and that her Grim ally was made nameless in some sort of ceremony as well.

As a note of interest that may or may not be of use to us the master of War had an adept at one time named Mordechai. I do not know if this is something that may be usable or not. Only time will tell.

Now in the recent pass I spoke to Darius and he mentioned that the ceremony to become nameless does not in itself grant the person performing the ceremony additional powers. It only grants immortality. Also, Darius said that many sorcerers begin to specialize at the attaining of 5th circle and the titles of the masters speak only of their area of specialty and are not titles of power. The amazing abilities we have seen from them stem from the fact that they have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years and so have been able to grow in their power.

The one exception to this could possibly be in DenTimor. The armor of the master of war was a powerful item of dark magic in and of itself and so by donning it, it is likely that DenTimor has gained some of the abilities of the ancient master (powers that were made that much stronger with the creation of the weapon Mythbreaker)

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