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Balthasar's Archives
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Shipwreck Document

We recovered this document from a shipwreck on Tulevar.

9-15-3665, at anchor, Port of Caith Cardon, Baranor


Completed unloading the caro this morning, received by Vostigians Caith Cardon factor with smile and 7 per cent bonus for early delivery.  Baranoran market for statuary-grade marble apparently as high as expected.  The Cardon chapterhouse of the Guild of Dyers is refacing their headquarters entirely in marble last years fashion for bright brocades in the Imperial capital made a banner year for the worlds best weavers.


Loading begins tomorrow.  Last trip was short, crew can do without shore leave for now.  The first of the fall crop is down the river from the Highlands and hitting the wharves tonight.  If were the first loaded and gone, well be the first to the docks in Nova Geratium.  Our luck to be in the right place at the right time, but only if we use it.  Ports all over Baranor will be filling with ships as soon as word gets around that the harvest is arriving.



9-16-3665, under sail 3 miles SSE Caith Cardon



There are no words.

9-18-3665, under sail 15 miles E prev plot


Three days have not made sense of it.  Perhaps putting it to paper will make some order out of madness


While we loaded the cargo of grain and salted meat, there was a sudden stillness in the air, and then the earth itself cried out  There was fire in the city I do not know where it began  So much is a blur I am left only with images, disconnected.  I saw buildings vanish, as if the ground had swallowed them hole.  The Great Light of Cardon toppled.  I believe it crushed the Excise House.  The water rose.  There was panic a mob.  Some fled into houses, others out.  Many took what they could and made for the hills.  Others came to the docks.  They begged for passage, and then demanded it.  The first, when it seemed contained, we sent home.  Then, when it seemed the death of the city, we agreed.


There were too many.


Even now, the hold and the decks are crowded with panicked landsmen, and I do not know how we will survive the storms I see on the horizon.  But when I close my eyes I see the faces of every one of the hundreds we turned back those who cried and pled as we pulled away, those who cursed us as the water rose those who swam after us, and those who waited as if already dead while the sea rose up and swallowed the city.


There was a wave such as I have never seen, or in my years of sailing heard described.  It would have overtoped the Light, if it still stood.  It came in the night.  We were far enough to see to ride it out, but we heard it break.  It seemed to go on forever.


It has been three days.


We have not found the coast.



9-20-3665, under sail, prox. Caith Cardon by dead reckoning.


Heavy storms and rough seas: not unexpected.  However, by my charts we should be sitting dry in Cardon Square.  There is no sign of land, only floating wreckage.  We have searched as long as we can.  We must make for some safe harbor the supplies will not last forever.  Nor will the will of the passengers and men.  Already, the despair has begun.  I hope I no longer know what I hope.

9-23-3665, under sail, location unknown, bearing north


No land, but good fortune!  The Lady of Grace, out of Hardells Cove, came upon us in the storm, and weve made convoy together.  We have no destination but north, but it gives the men heart to know that the entire world is not destroyed.



9-26-3665, under sail, location unknown, bearing north


Storms ended, heavy fog.  No sight of land.



9-30-3665, under sail, location unknown, bearing unknown


This morning, the compass ceased to register a heading.  The fog has not lifted.


Have we sailed off the end of the world?  Did we die in Cardon are we a ghost-ship, and not even aware of our own passing?  Has the entire world been unmade?

10-2-3665, under sail off unknown coast


The fog has broken!  It stands behind us as a solid wall of mist, but ahead the way is clear and reveals land!  It is no coast I recognize, but the mere sight of the rocky cliffs lifts every heart aboard.  The master of the Lady of Grace and I have confered: the coast has revealed no landing site yet, but we will sail together along the coast until we find a place to make anchor.



10-4-3665, under sail off unknown coast


The coast of this new land is sharp cliff and tumbled rock; the breakers betray more rocks beneath the waves.  A high mountain rises up towards inland.  We believe we have found a sheltered cove, but the entry looks perilous.  If we had a ships boat to test the channel with, wed probe the way, but it was put off onto the dock to make more room for passengers.  Nothing remains but to risk the rocks, and trust the leadline and the eyes of the lookout to keep us off the reefs.



10-5-3665, under sail of unknown coast


I have drawn straws with the master of the Lady of Grace, and the honor of the first approach will fall to us.


I place my ship, my passengers, and my crew into the hands of fate; may selkies show us safe to anchor.


They are ready on deck.  We begin.

The existence of this document, complete with dates from the Shattering, is a major part of my evidence that Karos (the island from the Green Circle Document on which the Undying is imprisoned) and Tulevar are not the same.  Comparing the two documents shows that the two islands were in different places at the same time.