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Balthasar's Archives
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This is a listing of the words we have learned in the Old Language.  If you know words that are not listed here, please share them.  Many thanks to Channing and Anna, contributors par excellance.

Kas-ril: Air

Ha-far (or Haf-ar): Fire

Haern: Metal

Farsh: Stone

Glil: Water

Fail: Wood

Al-mat-ul (or Al-ma-tul): All Elements

Gur: Twisted

Tal: Spirit

Shar-im: Blessed (?)

Dor: Place (possibly in a non-geographic sense)

Um: Power

Il: ? (As in Tal Dor-il)

Ila: (from Drahathi ritual)

Fin: With

Mad-ar: Body (Two words?)

U: And

Ki: I

Ther-us: Heal

Pherus: Restore

Im (As in Tal-im): Map, chart, signature

Elan: Light/Pure ?

Shar: Dark/Corrupt ?

Ti/Te (Elan-ti & Shar-te): Warrior or Swordsman?

Nor: Devour

Om-tal-ik: ?-spirit-? (Wendigo ritual)

Om-shal-ik: working theory is ?-dream-? (Wendigo ritual)

Su-maki: ?-?-I (Wendigo ritual)

Dun-si: ? (Wendigo ritual)

Ka-tas: Destroy (two syllables?)

Or-us: Rejoin (two syllables?)

Mad-il: Blood

Parm: Bind

Kar-sa: from Drahathi ritual

U-nai: from the destruction of the Katas shards, Mais 404

From a hengar ceremony in Bilgewater.
The top circle and the symbols were salt. The bottom circle was bone, with blood & bone inside.

Anna learned of these at the Apex on Tulevar

See Also: Midpoint scroll