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Balthasar's Archives

This website is the fruit of my New Year's Resolution to post the Archives online once more.  Enjoy.

I've been unspeakably lazy lately. I plan to work a little harder on getting things posted now that the larping season is starting up again. If you have questions, comments, or (best of all) more documents, drop me a line.
Tripod seems to grok apostrophes and quotation marks now.  Maybe I'll start fixing some of the documents.  Or maybe I'll just switch over to something that doesn't suck.

Newly Added, 21 Avrilis 405:
Reorganized a few pages
Newly Added, 26 Avrilis 405:
Added a new section to Haitiane Letters, courtesy of Nico
Newly Added, 30 Maias 405:
Added pages from the Master of War's Journal
Substantially expanded the Latham script in the Lexicon
Added the Midpoint scroll, courtesy of Amon
Newly Added, 31 Maias 405:
Added the letter to Valez in Haitiane Letters
Tinkered with cross-referencing of documents
Added the first of the Claudius and Ianthe Letters
Added The Last Cry of the Swan, courtesy of Ilya
Newly Added, 1 Junis 405:
Added A Cup to Catch the Moonlight, courtesy of Amon


Assorted Notes on Ceremonial Magic
Andros' and Danae's notes on Sorrow, Septembris 403
Ilya's notes on Sorrow from Octovrum 403
The List of the Dead
Account of Jarl's Cave, near Greymist
More Claudius and Ianthe letters
More Durgia Ironhair (& family) notes


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